Testimonials for Harmony Junction Auto Sales


It's such a personal connection with the dealership because of the size and it was perfect. I happened to stumble across Harmony Junction while I was trying to find my perfect car. Whenever I had a question about the car, I would hear back from Jim quickly. I'm loving my car and totally sending everyone I know to him.

Heather Farren - 2012 Honda CRV

My husband and I bought a 2012 Honda CRV. Great price, great experience. Jim made it super easy and uncomplicated. I will definitely recommend Harmony Junction to anyone looking to purchase a great car without the rigmarole.


The most pleasant car buying experience I've ever had. Jim the owner didn't pounce on us as soon we got out of our car. He gave us time to look then he came out. I was able to test drive the car by myself. There is nothing more awkward than test driving with someone you don't know. He helped me out tremendously. Very greatful I found Harmony. Definitely going to share with friends to go there next time you need a vehicle


Wonderful place to get a vehicle! Dealt with the owner and his wife, couldn't be nicer people. Love the blazer we got.

Raymond Furman - 2005 HONDA CRV

In this world of "Big Box" dealerships, it's comforting to know that a used car dealer with integrity who stands behind his vehicles with a warranty still exists. I was in the market for a reliable used vehicle at a fair price and Jim came through. A 2005 Honda CR-V. I had money down and needed to finance the balance....Jim made it happen. A very warm and welcome atmosphere and I was never pressured. A 4,500 mile ,90 day warranty included. Other dealers spend thousands of dollars on extravagant waiting rooms, ridiculous TV commercials, bobbleheads, etc... and recoup that money from you. Jim doesn't therefore the savings are passed on to you. If you want to be overcharged while you sit in front of a 70 inch tv, eating a donut and get a 30 second 30 feet off the lot warranty...go somewhere else. If you want a nice used vehicle, with a warranty, at a fair price from a man who's not afraid of a firm handshake and who stands behind what he sells...see Jim

Charles & Gail Beck - 2012 Hyundai Elantra

My husband and I are very pleased with our new 2012 Hyundai Elantra purchase!! Initially, we were looking for a car around our area, but we found out that everything was so much higher in price!! So I decided to go online and we found the perfect car for us at Harmony Junction! Dependable car, low mileage, great price and super service! What more could you ask for?! We got the whole package at Harmony Junction!! Chico was not a pushy salesperson and was very easy to work with. All the paper work is done there and you're out the door in no time! We highly recommend Harmony Junction and when we are in the market for another car, we will be sure to check them out! Thanks Chico! WE LOVE OUR CAR!!

Paul Ferraro - 2005 Saturn Ion

This is a solid, no pressure dealer. Jim is straight forward and easy to work with. Purchased an older low milage Saturn from Harmony Junction. Will look here first the next time I need a vehicle. I highly recommend Harmony Junction Auto Sales.


nice cars, plenty of variety on a smaller lot. no sales pitch, no fast talking. been looking for a lexus and he had one. the price was right in line, or even a little lower than the rest. had to wait a couple of days for my check to arrive and he put the car aside for me. couldn't ask for a nicer guy. much rather give him my business than a conglomerate. he even gave me a nifty tool for parking my bike in the garage and moving it about. Jim is an excellent guy, and I'll be stopping by there FIRST, next time I buy another car.


Emily Valentine Emily Valentine I bought a fantastic manual 2012 Kia Soul from Jim about a year ago, then decided that I wanted to switch over to an automatic transmission. I gave him a call describing what kind of car I was looking for, and he happened to have one in his lot that already matched all of my needs! I took it for a test drive and decided that it was the one! Jim was amazing to work with through trading my car in, he went out of his way to make sure that I was happy throughout the whole trading-in process. Jim made a very scary process not very scary at all! I recommend anyone who is looking for a used car to give Jim a call!!

Kimberly J. - 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY

As a first time car buyer I walked into Harmony Junction Auto Sales so nervous. Jim was honest and professional throughout the entire experience. Such a great person to do business with! I'm in love with my new car and the deal I received at Harmony Junction...

John Kent - 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

Our experience with Harmony Junction Auto Sales was very positive. Jim has an obvious commitment to customer satisfaction and standing behind what he sells. His pricing is more than fair and he isn't pushy. I flew in from out of state to pick up our purchase. Thanks Jim!

John K - 2009 HONDA ACCORD


Josh - 2010 Subaru Outback

I purchased the car, so I guess that says something about the dealership! The car was prepped (replaced pads/rotors, air filter) and inspected in time for me to show up, sign the paperwork and take off. Jim was a pleasure to work with, and I will definitely do business with him again in the future!

HAL H. - 2004 LEXUS RX330

I purchased a 2004 Lexus RX330 in December 2012. Great car and great people to do business. Everything was there from the complete owners manual to both remotes and the valet key. By far the easiest car purchase I have ever had. Jim and his staff were great. Strongly recommend this dealership. Thanks Jim! Hal H

Melvin and Deborah Replogle - 2009 CHEVROLET Colorado

Melvin and Deborah Replogle, 2009 Chevy Colorado, Z71, LT It was our first time, dealing with Jim, at Harmony Junction Auto Sales. He had just the right truck for us, listed on CarGuru, but the deal sounded too good to be true. When we checked it out, there was no pressure, just take it for a ride. He offered us a fair price for our truck, and after throwing Jim a big curve from the loan company, which he handled very well, we made the deal. It may not be the right color or have the storage we want, but it was the right deal for our budget, good gas milage, and a great handling truck. Thank you, Jim.


Just bought our 3rd vehicle in less than a year from Jim. Completely satisfied with all of them. Jim is very personable and wants to make sure his customers are completely satisfied. I refer everyone that is looking for a good used car to check out his lot and website. There is no 2nd guessing when we go to Harmony Junction Auto Sales! Thank you, Jim!


They are a nice honest dealership. They stand behind there cars, they also have great customer care. Friendly and Clean place to be, i would recommend them to anyone looking for a nice used car. Thanks Jim for the great work you are doing in are community it is good to have a dealership like yours.


We bought a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Jim. It was undoubtedly one of the better experiences we have had buying a vehicle. Jim is very personable and helpful. There is no pressure and no hassle. It is not the typical pushy sales experienc e you get at other places.We received excellent and fast service. We recommend going here to anyone shopping for a used vehicle and are very satisfied with our Jeep. We will definitely come back the next time we need another vehicle!


I purchased a 2009 Honda Accord from Harmony Junction Auto Sales. The car is fantastic! Absolutely love it! The owner was very helpful and gave me a great deal!! I would definitely recommend anyone to purchase a car from them


Our son needed a car and Chico came highly recommended from my mother (who purchased a car from Chico in the past). He had exactly what my son was looking for...and knowing Chico's great reputation...we did not hesitate to purchase from him. While there...my husband saw a Mustang Convertible he fell in love with. Chico...being the great salesman he is...sold that to us as well. If it were not for our trust in Chico... we never would have purchased not only one, but 2 cars from him. Would highly recommend this dealership if you are looking for a car!


If you are looking for a great used car this is the place to go!!! I just purchased my third car from Chico and as always I am very satisfied!!! Harmony Junction Auto Sales is a top of the line used car lot. I purchased my first car back in 2005 and then purchased another in 2011 and now my third and I know I will never go anywhere else!! Chico and his wife Pam are very nice people and they will treat you very well!!! Don't make the mistake of going somewhere else just go to Harmony Junction Auto Sales and you will continue to go back again,and again!!!


I know Harmony Junction had a very good reputation of quality used cars at great prices. Today I bought my first car from Jim. OMG!!! I love my new car!!! In my opinion Good is not even close to the actual service I received. The professional service was unbelievably supreme!!!! I have never in my life received better service anywhere. The quality of the car I purchased is still amazing me!!! Harmony Junction is the ONLY place to purchase any vehicle when you need a good quality form of transportation!!! Thank You Jim!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

Cynthia Phillips - 2011 Mercedes-Benz c-350 4 matic

I love my 2011 mercedes e 300 4 matic we were in and out with no hassle I would recommend harmony junction to anyone thanks Chico

Bill Cypher - 2004 Ford F 150

I bought a 2004 Ford F-150 at HarmonyJunction. This is the second car I've bought off of Chico and he's treated me right on both buys. I wouldn't buy a used car anywhere else. I recommend HarmonyJunction to all my friends when they're looking to buy a used car. Thanks Chico


I was looking for a good used car but every dealership I went to tried to steer me into something I wasn't happy with. Not only that, the interest rates were rediculus. A friend of mine told me about Harmony Junstion Auto in Harmony PA so I visited their web site. I found a beautiful Acura TSX loaded. I filled out a credit app on line. The next day Chico called me and said I got you the interest rate you wanted and your car is waiting for you. My jaw hit the ground. I had to call other dealerships to follow up on my requests. Chico actually called me and it took him 1 day to put everything together. The next day I drove down from Buffalo, NY to pick up my new car. What a great buying experience. My next car is coming from Harmony Junction Auto for sure. Thanks Chico for a job well done. Tom Braunscheidel Buffalo, NY


I sent an email requesting referrals for used car dealers to a network of homeschooling families which our family participates. (These families often request referrals for any number of things: pediatricians, handymen, dentists, etc.) I received several responses but in the end, I only had to go to one place: Harmony Junction Auto Sales.The owner, Jim Gregio (also known as Chico), turned out to be a friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate used car expert.He helped me get the right car for my family at a great price! His inventory of used cars is filled with impressive, solid, first-rate used cars. I heartily recommend Harmony Junction Auto Sales as the first place you should visit when shopping for your next family auto!--Al, Freedom, PA.


I had a wonderful car-buying experience at Harmony Junction Auto Sales. Growing up in Cranberry Township and attending Seneca Valley High School, I would drive past the lot daily going to and from school. I always admired the high-quality cars that they had on the lot. This story began when my Dad drove past the lot and spotted a bright red 2008 Honda Civic Si. He knew I was looking for something like that and told me that I should go check it out. I did just that and I was greeted by one of the friendliest and most honest used cars salesman I have ever met, Jim Gregio. Jim put absolutely no pressure on me to buy the car. He showed me around the Civic Si and let me take it for a drive. Then we came back to his office and discussed a price which turned out to be very reasonable compared to similar cars I researched. I told him that I needed to sleep on it before I made such a big decision and he completely understood. I came back the next day and told Jim I was ready to do the deal. Jim helped me get financing and made the whole transaction as easy as can be, explaining every aspect of the buying process to me in a way that made complete sense. There were no added fees or charges like most dealers have. The price we agreed upon was the price I paid. He even gave me a great price for my trade-in. I had a really enjoyable day with Jim and his wife, Pam and they made me feel relaxed and right at home. Their customer service is truly world-class. I love my new car and I will recommend Harmony Junction Auto Sales to all of my family and friends without hesitation. Michael B, Astoria, NY


For a long time my "dream car" was a used Subaru Outback but after an extensive search on line, I realized it was out of my price range. When the time came to replace my truck, I went back to Jim at Harmony Junction and gave him a description of the Subaru Outback I would love to have. He admitted that it would be a tough one to find and might take him a while. Since my truck was still running, I told him I could wait awhile. THE NEXT DAY Jim calls and says he found my car!! We were both surprised it happened so fast. It had far more "fun stuff" on it than I requested and Jim sold it to me under my top price. Jim went above and beyond to make sure the car was in good shape and ready for me to buy. He certainly knows how to take care of his customers. Thanks, Jim. Don and Windy

Earl Ebeling - 2006 Infinity G35

Harmony junction had the best quality cars , for the lowest price, and mileage I found in the area.I love my Infinity,the buying experience was excellent and no pressure.Great car, great price,great guy! I would recomend this dealership to everyone. Thank you, Earl Ebeling

Bryant & Val Robey - 2010 Subaru Outback

We just purchased our fourth vehicle from Jim and continue to be totally satisfied with all aspects of our dealings with him. Its obvious that he values his customers more than most, providing great deals and exceptional service he is not just out to make a buck on a one time transaction! We would highly recommend Harmony Junction to anyone looking for any vehicle. If he doesnt have what youre looking for, hell find it! Thanks Jim we wll be back! Bryant & Val Robey